Welcome to my Sims 4 World.

Happiness is ………………….knowing that in a parallel universe you are a superhero


The Sims 4 is a wonderful world – or more correctly a wonderful series of parallel yet infinitely varied worlds. In these worlds you are able to manage the lives of these crazy lovable characters called sims. Living out lives of unbelievable luck, fame and wealth, re-enacting hard work and everyday families and co-existing with the occult and fabulous. It is a smorgasbord of fun, love, grief, horror, everyday mundanities, people in animal suits and laughter.

My simself enjoying the smorgasbord of sims 4 experiences………. and yoghurt parfait.

It offered a window to a wider world when I was shut in due to ill health and slowly shutting down my mind in response. In this blog, I would like to share some of the stories of some of the sims who helped keep me sane and entertain me still.

Dr Sim reporting for duty:
I’m afraid she is a hopeless case and therefore prescribe – more sims.

Due to the parallel nature of the Sims worlds, many of my sims have led multiple lives. I like it this way. If you encounter a sim you know and love from one of my stories – don’t expect them to be the same in the next – not their traits or their age or their loves and lovers. I enjoy the familiar faces returning time and again and seeing how different things can be for them. Don’t worry – there are plenty of new and unique characters entering the worlds at all times.

I swear I remember marrying you in another life!”
Sssh Darling – in that life we only got Bronze for our wedding and social services interrupted the ceremony to steal our child. Play along and win me gold!

My stories are a mix of original game play and stories created from challenges. I don’t think I can claim to have finished any challenge totally within the rules because I play for the story; the humour and drama of the sims involved.

So if you find your happiness imagining that you are a superhero, a celebrity, a housewife, a fairy, Don Lothario’s lover, a Landgraab or even dressing up as a trash panda ….. grab a seat (and some yoghurt) and enjoy my sim’s stories.