Alana has her meet cute

Falling in love isn’t as obvious as you’d think. There’s no such thing as love at first sight — not real love, anyway. Love takes time to build

Paul Hudson

In any romantic comedy, one of the first scenes is the “meet cute”: that chance encounter where the leads meet and its so funny, charming, awkward or angry that as the viewer, we know the two are now on an inevitable course towards true love with each other. Meet cutes rarely happen in real life. We meet people, they take our fancy or share our interests, we become friends, we grow our relationships, we discover our love over time.

Alana met a lot of sims. She went to festivals, clubs and bars. She accepted invitations to hang out with friends. During this time any one of those meetings could have been her meet cute. Sometimes it was obvious she liked the other sim; in no time at all she would be getting her flirt on. These meetings have plenty of screenshots, are strong in her memory.

Festivals are great for meeting people – and trying new things.

However, some meetings seem trite and unimportant. Only through hindsight do we know how important they were, how everything hinged on that moment. Alana’s moment was at the Flea market. She spoke to someone selling some My Sims Trophies, she smiled and brightened their day and asked about their career. Normal sim style conversation. She didn’t want to buy. Alana barely remembers it happened.

The smallest things can change your life.

So there is no meet cute for you to enjoy. No witty banter or silly misunderstanding. Just a sim who felt the world as they know it change forever. That sim was not Alana – so there are no pictures, no story, just Alana’s life continuing as normal. And a sim now wishing it all would change.

Happiness is ….. thinking about your new crush.

I know – I’m sorry. I was disappointed too. 😦

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