Harmony’s journey begins. Total Children at start: 0

Harmony Williamson

I enjoy the Sims a lot but I was never very good at toddlers and babies. What did I decide to do about it – create a sim to play the 100 babies challenge and surround myself with them. The rules I follow are those written by Snarky Witch : https://snarky-sims-witch.tumblr.com/post/181535303038/tos-i-am-the-original-writer-of-the-sims-4-version

Please be patient with the earlier posts in this blog. I was just learning to screenshot and with all the toddler raising, I forgot to snap many important moments. I get better as the play goes on. Surprisingly, this was the best way to learn what to do with toddlers – it was learn or fail. My other families have all benefited from Harmony’s struggles.

The leopard print and boots say “Hi I want to try for a Baby – no strings attached”- the hair says I am a practical motherly type.

First I needed a sim – enter Harmony. a newly minted young adult with features that are not to extreme in any respect and will hopefully blend well with the many suitors she meets. Her traits creative, romantic and family oriented. Then a cute little starter home from the gallery: Thank you ID: BettyBackWoods99. Your 3/1 base under 18k was perfect. And set it down in a cheap lot in Oasis Springs.

Home sweet home – now to fill it with children.

It didn’t take long for her to find her first baby daddy. Harmony had chosen to live next to the Roomies House. The welcome wagon arrived promptly and by the end of it Harmony had convinced J. Worthington III to Hang out for a while, have a first kiss and then a successful woohoo resulting in her very first pregnancy.

I have good genes and get flirty easily – my views on fruitcake were not recorded.
Perfect baby daddy no.1

Oasis Springs is the perfect hunting ground. People walk up and down the street all day long. She talked to any eligible male who walked past and rapidly filled up her little black book with potential baby daddies. Harmony also used her pregnancy to collect seeds, plant a garden and get started on painting canvases for sale.

They’re lovely when they’re sleeping.

Welcome baby number 1: Agate Worthington. Harmony decided to use rocks and minerals as a naming scheme. In no time at all Harmony was on the hunt for Baby Daddy number 2.

Total Baby count: 1

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